Stone Pony Browband’s, Lisa & Daughter Rachel Lawson

Hello and Happy March!

I would like to introduce to you,

 Lisa Lawson & daughter Rachel Lawson

Lisa & Rachel Lawson

(Left) Lisa Lawson, (Right) Rachel Lawson

Lisa is the creator and owner of Stone Pony Browbands, while Rachel is the inspiration and networker of the exquisite browband line.

The company blossomed when one day Rachel requested teal, black, and white duct tape. Not only was she customizing her browband, she was putting a little idea into her mother’s head. Lisa started thinking about how to make her own horse’s bridle a little bit more exciting, (without the duct tape), and a gem of and idea sprouted!

That day, Stone Pony Browbands was created!

Who are these two lovely and talented women you may ask? 

Lisa and Rachel are strong and empowering women. They have both had to persevere past some bad times and focus on the future together. Over 13 years ago, Lisa unexpectedly lost her husband and Rachel lost her father. Within those heartbreaking moments, Lisa and Rachel both looked to one another and to their horses for support. Their backyard farm was a familiar distraction where they went to escape. They would also escape for many hours trail riding through the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountains. There, on those trails, the love for horses grew and trail riding turned into Fox Hunting for Rachel. From there, with her mother’s support, she moved onto Eventing in her early teens. With Lisa by Rachel’s side every step of the way, they made quite the mother and daughter team.

Lisa Lawson Hand Painted Bird CageLisa has been a creative soul all of her life. She has worked in the art industry for many years, and was a member of a gallery in downtown Lexington, VA called Artists in Cahoots. Watercolor painting has always been one of her main passions, enjoying the freedom of the colors on the page and expressing her own touch of serenity to a project. Her artistic talents do not stop at watercolors however, she started working and creating jewelry in her twenties. She quickly realized that the Jewelry section was a popular addition to the gallery, always in demand and selling. Along with her watercolor paintings and jewelry being showcased at the gallery, she customized her own furniture at home. Loving interior design, she refurbishes furniture with her own unique touch. One of the main places you’ll find her custom designs is in her studio. There reside a pair of pink and blue finches, housed in a hand painted birdcage that Lisa also made. Her studio is, without a doubt, her sanctuary. With her birds and bouquet of flowers on her desk, she draws inspiration by bringing a bit of the outdoors in. The bouquet is seasonally hand picked straight from her garden and are typically Pink Roses. They are her absolute favorite.



leslie mintz - Stone Pony Browbands

Rachel riding Temple & Lisa walking along side.  Photo Credit: Leslie Mintz

Rachel has been a driven and motivated girl all of her life. From a two year old girl sitting on her first horse, to now a twenty four year old riding and training Fox Hunters, horses have always been a part of her life. She even went as far as to take a break from college after her first year to focus on riding and became a working student. At that point, she started competing more and looked for more riding growth. There she found herself packing up Temple, her buckskin Morgan mare, and heading towards Lynn Symansky’s facility. Over time, Lynn helped her grow exponentially as a rider and trainer. With all of these outstanding experiences however, her mother was struggling to financially support everything.


Meghan O'Donoghue, and Pirate on the Cross Country 4.25.15.

Meghan O’Donoghue, and Pirate on the Cross Country. ROLEX 2015. Photo Credit: Wendy Wooley

Lisa started brainstorming on how to subsidize her and her daughter’s passion. She began focusing on her own horse’s bridle and started by working with the popular “clincher” style browband. With her background in jewelry making, and some inspiration from Rachel’s colored tape alterations, Stone Pony Browbands was born! Her first step towards marketing the business was a Facebook page, followed by Rachel’s help displaying the new product on her own horse. Temple proudly donned some of the first designs and got the ball rolling. With Rachel’s experience, a great horse model, and networking possibilities in the eventing world, Stone Pony Browbands took off! You may have already seen some of these beautiful browbands prancing, galloping, leaping, and soaring around Rolex, Burley, and even W.E.G. (seen in the picture is Meghan O’Donoghue sporting a Stone Pony Browband at the 2015 ROLEX event).  Who would have thought that a few simple rolls of colored duct tape would have brought such a change to both Lisa and Rachel’s lives. What a dream ride this business venture has been.


Stone Pony Browbands has hundreds of customizable options.

As a customer you are able to pick the size and color of leather, gems, and crystals, along with the pattern you would like. The possibilities are only as limited as your creativity. Check out how to create your own gorgeous browband or get in touch with Lisa at the following link:

OR! If you are interested in any of Lisa’s watercolor paintings or furniture visit:

ribbonsflying - Stone Pony Brow Bands

Ty, Lisa’s own Friesian/Paint who she has had since he was 4 months old, now 12.

Extra fun little bit about Rachel as well; here she is in a Purina Commercial!!

Horses have played an outstanding part in who both of these lovely women are today. “Every day on a horse is a special day” – Lisa Lawson

Stone Pony


*Support Small Businesses… Gallop On*

Thank you again! Laura Kay






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